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what is vigil ai?

Removing and locking out harmful content from your platform

Vigil AI is our ground-breaking Child Abuse Image Database (CAID) Classifier technology. Exploiting the very latest deep learning technology and trained on the UK Home Office CAID database, Vigil’s world-class system is capable of automatically detecting and categorising Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) including both images and videos.

Secure and high performance implementations of the Classifier technology are deployed across multiple UK police forces via the UK Home Office. We also provide integrations into a range of leading police forensics products as well as our own TensorGrid analytics suite.

Protecting the vulnerable

Vigil AI is helping to pave the way towards powerful new tools to combat child sexual abuse. Our engineers apply the very latest Deep Neural Network approaches using highly customised training procedures in conjunction with operational users.

Vigil prevents platforms from being used as a conduit for CSAM content, by locking it out, disconnecting the distributors, and helping overcome the real human tragedy at its origin. Our team has also undertaken a number of specialist commission relating to CSAM deep fakes, live-streaming and self-generated imagery. 


Scan, categorise and prioritise large volumes of seized content

Help identify and safeguard victims sooner

Gain immediate insights into offender’s sexual interests

Support intelligence gathering efforts

Reduce the psychological harm to investigators

Move from a forensic backlog to proactive policing

Government operators work at computers

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