An aerial shot of visual target analysis in action

What is VTA? 

Track the movement of target vehicles and personnel in real-time

With data from imagery now so vast, operators can find themselves trying to maintain situational awareness through a deluge of information. We designed an application that reduces operator fatigue by automatically alerting and cueing the movement of vehicles and personnel.

VTA highlights motion and provides an alert, simultaneously referencing as tracks on a map. It eases the exploitation process to an operator and reduces the time taken to generate a useable intelligence product. The system aids in maintaining Information Advantage by assisting operators who are already under pressure, during high tempo operations by making sense of a complex intelligence picture.

Key features & benefits

Tracks moving images

Automatic detection and tracking of moving targets in EO and IR video imagery

Geo-referencing of target tracks and visual mosaic in UTM coordinates

Overlay of target tracks onto visual mosaic, or a preloaded map or satellite image

Image stabilisation to remove platform motion

System integrateable software that maintains situational awareness

Reduce operator fatigue and workload by providing automated alerts on moving targets

Maintain effective situational awareness in near real time

Offered as a plug-in capability for existing exploitation tools such a UAV

Application Programming Interface allows this functionality to be integrated in swift and cost effective manner

An aerial shot of a town with circled areas

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