Roke meets


Aashish is our Innovation Leader. Here he chats to us about how his love of tech and sci-fi movies has influenced his engineering career and what it's like to work at Roke.

How long have you been interested in working in STEM and engineering?

I grew up with media like Robocop, Transformers, Dune and Jurassic Park, while the realism behind these settings could always be questioned; their portrayal of the infinite potential of STEM was always dead on. So I’ve always been interested in engineering as a whole, with more specific interests in electronics, software and mechanical engineering. After all Mecha-Godzilla isn’t going to build itself.

I have a MEng in Robotics; generally robotics is a multi-disciplinary subject where optical flow analysis is as important as UDP communication and kinematic modelling. Thus the skill of knowing what to use when and being able to pick it up quickly has in itself been an invaluable skill, one I use regularly within Roke.

Why Roke?

After two years as a Robotics Researcher within academia I realised there are simply too many fascinating subjects and technologies within electronics and software engineering! I think even a hundred lifetimes would be insufficient to experience this field to its fullest. Thus I picked Roke, a company that specialises, but encourages and supports its employees to learn and try everything under the sun.

Where would you like to take your career here?

I want to become more of a technical expert; managing larger teams. While continuing to be a line manager, public speaking advocate and contributing to the STEM outreach.

I want to experience all there is to see and do within various engineering disciplines, while helping others on the way!

Do you feel supported in your role?

I have a mentor, line manager and numerous colleagues (most of whom I consider friends) who have all helped me become the person I am today. Whether it’s technical skills or soft skills, everyone is willing to help and eager to learn. Beyond internal colleagues Roke pushes external courses and learning platforms to further support self-improvement.