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Innovative solutions to combat emerging threats

Freedom of manoeuvre is critical to mission success. We provide products that mitigate the threat posed by improvised explosive devices and protect the systems that we use for position, navigation and timing. In this way, we deny the adversary the ability to constrain manoeuvre and enable the force to deliver the mission.

Survivability products & services

Miniature Radar Altimeter Type 2

Miniature Radar Altimeter (MRA): Type 2

Our miniature radar altimeter is a compact and lightweight device with a range down to just 20cm for unmanned landing.

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A soldier uses groundhunter AWD

GroundHunter Advanced Wire Detector (AWD)

GroundHunter Advanced Wire Detector (AWD) provides unrivalled performance in the detection of wires associated with Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) including command wires.

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Groundhunter wand

GroundHunter Wand

GroundHunter Wand is a wire detector using unique sensing technology to detect both Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) and command wires for remotely controlled devices with pinpoint accuracy and a high degree of assurance.

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An unmanned aerial vehicle in flight

Case study

High-speed variant MRA

Accurately measuring how close you are to the ground has long been a problem for operating air platforms, and this challenge is even more acute when the platform is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Read about how we overcame this to develop a new high-speed Miniature Radar Altimeter (MRA) variant.

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