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Innovating to improve patient outcomes

Utilising our world-class capabilities in applications for Digital Health our aim is to connect people, communities and clinicians to deliver exceptional and predictive personal care. We work with medical equipment manufacturers, healthcare suppliers and healthcare providers, including large public sector organisations such as NHS Transformation.

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Utilising machine learning

Extracting insights from machine vision

Care data can be overwhelming for clinicians to make sense of, causing potential backlogs. This can be assisted through artificial intelligence and machine learning to speed up diagnostic and screening services. We apply technological innovation and novel thinking to create both cloud-based and localised solutions with cognitive abilities.

What we do:

  • Machine vision and cloud connectivity can speed up medical screening
  • Deep learning techniques improves the diagnostic support clinicians need
  • Image processing allows improved communication and shared knowledge
  • Robotics can removing repetitive and manual errors
  • Acoustics can provide non-invasive health measurements
  • High performance signal processing to speed up results and deliver correct care
  • Machine learning insights to support earlier diagnosis

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Objective diagnostic screening

Supporting clinicians with the power of AI

It’s critical in healthcare that the right decisions are made at the right time – lives depend on it. We build intuitive and engaging platforms that deliver valuable real-time intelligence and predictive analysis. Our bespoke platforms enable our clients, including NHS bodies, to access national and local healthcare datasets, helping them make better decisions and improve services and improved patient outcomes.

What we do:

  • Big Data architecture & design for an ever growing population
  • Data batch & stream to make sense of what we see
  • Data visualisation to improve strategic decisions
  • Data analysis; discovery & insight generation helps improve accuracy of treatment
  • Creating repeatable, scalable infrastructure for data platforms to improve efficiency & network throughput
  • Anonymised & pseudonymised data sharing to drive future improvements in health
  • Data strategy to discover how can it best used to support organisations
  • Data fusion to create the very best care models
  • Edge analytics that demonstrates improved care

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Digital health

Keeping your health data safe

Safeguarding system security

Security is at the centre of our values, so ensuring the safety of your health data is key to how we support customers. Every day, new mobile apps seek to collect and store patient data – but are they secure? And how is that data shared?

Trust is important, and perhaps clinical data is one of the most sensitive areas - once trust is broken the impact can be catastrophic. Our Cyber Essentials Plus accredited teams ‘make and break’ today’s cyber security systems to design and build the next generation of secure, resilient platforms. Our secure by design and assurance services provide system security and resilience in digitally connected health environments. We do this by helping healthcare providers identify and mitigate security and data risks.

What we do:

  • Risk assessments to identify new risks early
  • Operational cyber protects critical systems
  • Non-invasive or disruptive embedded systems security
  • Security analytics identify where threats are coming from
  • Human behaviour assessments highlight potential threats from within an organisation

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Smart sensors to meet digital health solutions

Improving community health

UK-wide, there is a need to remove health disparities in regions, communities and age groups. By incorporating smart sensors to connect the isolated in remote communities, we can improve this outreach. Data science can uncover health risks and predictive analysis can ensure timely intervention.

What we do:

  • Blood pressure, heart rate and movement monitoring to detect anxiety or stress
  • Oxygen saturation with respiration monitoring for early detection
  • Pulse rate monitoring for arrhythmia and heart conditions
  • Room temperature and particulate counters for the vulnerable
  • Acoustics for pre-natal assurance and support

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