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What we do

Deliver data insights faster and flexibly

We work with our clients to establish new cloud-based workflows and processors to radically accelerate new insights into volume data. Through application of cloud engineering practices, we can deliver large scale processing to support mission critical query and analysis. Combined with the application of detailed query and data volume profiling, we can specify cloud workflow patterns that are economic and viable.

Cloud offers the potential to transform the speed and agility required to stand up new processing and data navigation frameworks. Applying the latest machine learning techniques, we develop data insights and support diverse teams to work effectively, driving focussed data analysis goals in ways never seen before.

In this way, you can achieve Digital Superiority by leveraging cloud to achieve new insights into your data faster and with greater flexibility than your competitors.

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Our cloud expertise

We provide advisory and cloud engineering expertise to specify scalable cloud applications designed to deliver mission advantage and data insight, fully dimensioned to meet operational budget. Our services include legacy application migration, cloud abstraction and engineering, data science, rapid prototyping and pull through into mature service delivery.

  • Cloud engineering & containerisation
  • FinOps
  • Rapid application development
  • Volume data processing
  • Data science / data insight
  • Agile software development
  • Infrastructure as code