A woman talking with geospatial analysts who are utilising multiple screens.

Geollect: Powered by Intelligence. Informed by Experts.

At the head of the Roke Intelligence suite of capabilities is Geollect, a geospatial intelligence solution that is at the forefront of the outsourced professional intelligence revolution.

Combining human expertise with advanced AI, machine learning and sensor technology, Geollect uncovers hidden patterns of activity and provides clients with the intelligence advantage they need to make informed decisions.

By blending multiple layers of data into one place and visualising the results, Geollect transforms the way organisations think, communicate, and strategise. With instant access to accurate real-time information and pinpoint location certainty, Geollect users know where, know first and know more.

A map displaying the geospatial intelligence solution, Geollect.

Navigate Complex Threats with Geollect

Today’s maritime domain is complex, and organisations face diverse human and environmental threats in ever-changing geopolitical landscapes. This presents a challenge for governments and operators to monitor assets, mitigate risks and remain compliant.

Access to the latest intelligence and data sources within a single source of truth has never been more important. Our proprietary platform supports the maritime insurance, shipping, commodities, and defence sectors. Geollect delivers seamless access to a suite of geospatial intelligence tools, datasets, and alerts for risk mitigation, operational efficiency and fleet compliance confidence.

Simplify complex data through an intuitive user interface in a no-code environment. By fusing and visualising a rich array of contextual datasets, near real-time asset tracking and situational awareness are enabled on a global scale.

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