Miniature Radar Altimeter Type 2

What is the MRA Type 2?

Precision altimeter for controlled landings

With a range down to just 20cm, the miniature radar altimeter (MRA) type 2 provides the measurements necessary to facilitate safe and controlled landings in a range of conditions. High precision at 2cm makes the altimeter ideal for aerial platforms. This is a standard fit on a series of unmanned platforms.

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Single transceiver with an integrated antenna

Plug and play installation

Environmentally robust and able to operate in dusty or misty conditions, as well as over water

Landing accuracy
With a range down to just 20cm, the MRA Type 2 can facilitate safe and controlled landings

Key benefits

Precision range
Operational range up to 100m and down to just 20cm, making this precision altimeter ideal for providing height measurements for landing, vertical take-off and low altitude flights

Compact design
Compact design and integrated antenna mean this miniature altimeter is significantly smaller than traditional radar altimeters

Maximising payload space
Offers substantial weight reduction, allowing greater payloads to be carried

Energy efficient
Consumes less than 3W on average

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The Mars Rover landing diagram

Did you know?

Parts of our altimeters have been to Mars

We are proud to have worked on the British Beagle 2 Mars Lander. Parts of our radar altimeter were used to deploy the air bags to cushion its landing on Mars on Christmas Day 2003. Infamously, contact was lost with the lander following its descent to the Martian surface. In 2015, NASA found that Beagle had successfully landed, confirming our altimeter had worked after 50 million km through space, but that the solar panels that failed to deploy, preventing communication.

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