A soldier using the VIPER software on a ruggedised laptop

What is VIPER? 

Pre and Post-mission analysis tool 

Fully compatible with our ESM family, VIPER allows for the large amount of data captured to be intuitively visualised, with powerful search and filtering capabilities. This enables the operator to quickly extract critical spectrum events and quickly support effective command decision making.

Traditionally, EW operators are expected to analyse all signals, whether of significance or not. VIPER allows them to focus on a specific area of interest, such as a valley or building, significantly reducing the burden on operators, as well as the training requirements.

Key benefits & features

Integration and Interoperability

Integrated Signal Classification and De-code

3-D Mapping and 3-D Position Fix

Single software suite to deliver the end-to-end Electronic Warfare cycle: current ops & plans; execution; analysis & reporting; and future ops

Dynamic live track overlay of targets to deliver Common Operational Picture sharing

Enhanced user capability

Intuitive Graphical Interfaces, operationally tested by operators

True on the move capability allowing single sensor position fixing

Updated with new features every 6 months, influenced be evolving user requirements

A military technician plugs in cables

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