LOCATE antenna array

What is LOCATE? 

Global scale Direction Finding

LOCATE components are in operational use at numerous sites around the world, including both new installations and mid-life upgrades to existing ones. For example, the AX-19 ‘Pusher’ High Frequency Direction Finding system can be enhanced by adding the latest Super-Resolution Direction Finding (SRDF) and Adaptive Digital Beamforming (ADBF) technology.

Our LOCATE product range includes antennas, receivers and processing software which can be combined to create a system designed for the exact specific application. 

System features

Key features

Strategic HF SIGINT capability

Capable of reception of Near Vertical Incidence (NVIS)

Increased accuracy through fixed antenna array

Sensor capabilities 

Utilises Super Resolution Direction Finding (SRDF) for improved accuracy and better resolution of targets on the same frequency

Integrated Adaptive Digital Beam Forming (ADBF) to increase target signal identification and reduce spectral clutter


User interface

Our state of the art HF operational exploitation toolset

Provides HF Wideband Spectrum Display

Provides the operator with the ability to separate up to 8 transmissions on a single frequency but separated in azimuth

Operator display

Provides the operator with a clear indication of Angle of Arrival (AoA) of transmission

Delivers global wideband map display to visualise collaborative position fixes

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