Locate-T antenna

What is LOCATE-T?

Strategic HF Monitoring & Direction Finding

LOCATE-T is an advanced transportable Electronic Support capability, which is proven in complex environments. With comprehensive training and support, LOCATE-T delivers a step-change in transportable SIGINT capability.

By combining the LOCATE-T system with the RESOLVE HF antenna system, we've developed a unique capability that enables rapid deployment of a transportable SIGINT system for use within the 2-30 MHz HF band, to meet any operational needs.

Key benefits

Transportable form-factor

HF Electronic Support capabilities are available in a compact form that enables flexible operation from tactically deployed semi-mobile and static positions

Rapidly deployable by team of two in 40 minutes


Totally integratable with the Strategic LOCATE and tactical RESOLVE systems. Designed to extend the Locate baseline

The LOCATE family can be fully networked providing shared monitoring and accurate geolocation of both strategic and tactical targets

Key features

Super Resolution Direction Finding (SRDF) 

Utilises Super Resolution Direction Finding (SRDF) for improved accuracy and better resolution of targets on the same frequency

Capable of reception of Near Vertical Incidence (NVIS)

Adaptive beam forming 

Integrated Adaptive Digital Beam Forming (ADBF) to increase target signal identification and reduce spectral clutter

Signal classification

Based upon the widely recognised Multiple Signal Classification (MUSIC) algorithm 

Delivers tactical HF Direction Finding (DF)

The enhanced output data may then be demodulated regardless of the presence of other signals

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