A soldier uses groundhunter AWD

Advanced wire detection

GroundHunter Advanced Wire Detector (AWD) provides unrivalled performance in the detection of wires associated with Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) including command wires. 

GroundHunter AWD uses unique sensing technology to enable accurate and reliable diagnostic performance. It is interoperable with the in-service equipment of numerous nations and has a high level of electro-magnetic compatibility.

Key features

Lightweight and intuitive

Intuitive UI designed for the experienced or non-experienced user

Lightweight (2.3kg with batteries) and compact

It delivers feedback to the user by vibration, sound and LEDs which can be disabled subject to the tactical environment

Multi-role detection system 

The universal stock allows the AWD head to be detached and the handle folded for easy stowage

The universal stock can incorporate other detector heads e.g. metal detector

Key benefits

Low training burden

Easy to use, it provides pinpoint accuracy and a high degree of assurance

Deliver high user confidence following minimal training

Upright position

Robust and sustainable

High probability of detect

Very low false alarm rate

Works in all ground conditions

A CC1 system in ruggedised gear

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