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We're a trusted partner to government and law enforcement and consult on, research, design and build solutions that protect and support their missions. Our world class innovation, technology heritage and advanced intelligent insight enables us to deliver strategic, analytical, architectural and engineering advice. We pride ourselves on working seamlessly with our customers, taking a holistic outcome-based approach to problem-solving, so we capture and deliver value.

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What triggers your drive for innovation? And how do you design and invest in appropriate strategies?

We’ve been combining the physical and digital in new ways for over 60 years, creating an environment where innovation can flourish.

Now you can take full advantage of our insights and expertise to save time and effort. Our Innovation-as-a-Service offering provides access to our people, processes and technologies so you can capitalise on our advanced research across multiple sectors and domains.

This collaborative and agile service embeds our Innovation Engine and experts into the heart of your business or organisation. Submit your research ideas with just a call or an email to a dedicated Roke coordinator, and we take care of everything else.

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Vigil AI

Roke is proud to be a primary technology partner for Vigil AI and its ground-breaking Vigil AI CAID Classifier technology. Exploiting the very latest deep learning technology and trained on the UK Home Office CAID database, Vigil’s world-class system is capable of detecting and categorising Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) automatically, including both images and videos.

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